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Writer, Journalist, Educator, and PhD student
writing, editing, proofreading, writing guidance, outlining, crafting a novel
About the editor/writer:
  • Published children’s book author
  • Former newspaper reporter
  • Educator with 12 years classroom experience
  • Current PhD student in literacy education
University of Illinois Chicago (PhD Curriculum & Instruction –present)
New School University (MFA Creative Writing 2006)
IUPUI (MS Education 2004)
Purdue University (BA Communications/Journalism 1999)

Knowledge and comfort with APA and Chicago styles

Editing services:
NO project is too large or small
Personal one-to-one attention for your projects:

  • Novels
  • Resumes/cover letters
  • College essays
  • Personal statements
  • Dissertations
  • Education research manuscripts
  • Journal articles
  • Classroom writing assignments
  • Line editing
Contact me if:
  • You need an extra set of eyes for your writing project
  • You love to write, not edit
  • You need to shorten your piece of writing
  • You have errors you don’t know how to fix
  • You don’t know if you have errors
  • You have an assignment and don’t know where to start
Pricing Varies
Services payable by cash, check, or PayPal – ebonyjoy2001@yahoo.com
Pay 50% (non-refundable) to begin work, with the balance due when you receive your edited document within 10 days

Pay 100% to begin work and get your project rushed back to you within one week
1. How do you determine your pricing?
Pricing varies based on your work. I may ask for sample pages to determine a specific quote for your project.

But, generally:

  • 1-500 Single-spaced words - $10
  • 500-1000 Single-spaced words - $15
  • 1000-1500 Single-spaced words - $20
  • 1500-2000 Single-spaced words - $25
  • 2000- up Single-spaced words - $40
  • Full novel manuscript edit for structural guidance and general feedback - $75
  • I charge about $25 per hour for larger projects requiring more detailed
  • attention (like dissertations and novels), editing 5-8 pages per hour
2. What types of projects do you usually edit?
I have experience with children’s book manuscripts, personal statements, college essays, resumes, journal articles, research manuscripts, and English class assignments.
So, I can send you a poem
Absolutely, no project is too large or small.
3. How soon can I expect my edits to be returned?
I guarantee your edits within 10 days, but charge 15% more for a rush job. We will work together to agree on a due date.
4. Can you ensure a perfect document/publication?
No, but I do edit with precise eyes and return better content to you as a result.
5. Do you edit anything/anytime?
There are projects I have to decline at times due to time constraints or unfamiliar content. I specialize in the areas of children’s literature, education, and English/language arts.
6. How do you edit my work?
I make 2-3 passes through your writing – to make revisions, to catch errors I may have missed, and to make sure it reads smoothly as edited.
7. Can’t I just use grammarly.com?
Yes, but if you need additional services, I can help.
8. How do I send my work for editing?
Please submit your writing as a WORD document.  I use WORD to edit, highlight, and will return your original and edited versions as WORD documents. You can send your project to ebonybooks@yahoo.com.
9. What can you guarantee?
I can guarantee you I will work hard, be diligent and efficient, make your work easier to read, and make you look better to your reader.
10. Can I contact you just to ask a question about my writing?
Yes, I answer fairly quickly via email at ebonybooks@yahoo.com.
Client testimonials:
“THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can finally see what I’m doing wrong and what has been changed instead of having to save two different copies and read the whole thing to figure it out”
–Kim J, Saginaw, MI (College essays)
“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ebony. The abstract reads very well. Nice
–Dr. Mary B, Chicago, IL (Journal article)

“I am both thrilled and completely nerve-wracked by your suggestions! But it sounds like such a good plan. This is the kick in the pants that I need. Thank you so much for wanting to go the extra mile with me. I really am jazzed and inspired after our talk. Thank you!”
–Shani A. (Creative writing)
“Once again, thank you for all your effort! I really appreciate it”
–Frauke C. Amsterdam (Resume)

Levels of Editing
Proof Reading: Correct indisputable errors only: Checks for misspelling, typos, incorrect punctuation, incorrect grammar, such as subject-verb disagreement, errors in word usage and such.
Copy Editing: Check style and consistency: Proofreads, but also watches formatting, such as consistency in titles, subsection titles, typeface and type style (italic, bold), and parallel construction in lists and headings. Fact checking for what should be commonly understood information. Makes sure the manuscript conforms to whatever style guide the publisher expects, e.g., AMA, APA, AP or Chicago. Crosschecks citations with reference list, figures and tables. Suggests improvements in syntax for clarity and logical flow, but only queries the author, doesn't substantively change content.
Substantive Editing: Clarify, tighten and polish: Does all of the previous, but also makes relatively minor changes or recommends what to delete, rearrange, reword or rephrase to eliminate potential confusion, wordiness, triteness and inappropriate or confusing jargon or made-up words. Queries the author about apparent gaps or contradictions in info and issues inadvertently raised but not addressed by the author. Polishes the prose by suggesting clearer phrasing, smoother, better flow of ideas. May fine-tune copy by multiple authors so it achieves a more consistent tone.
Developmental Editing: Help develop the article, report or book: Works with the author from the idea, raw material or early draft stage to help develop the manuscript, advising on organization of material and format, perhaps proposing supplemental material, including appendices, graphics, photos, tables, charts or figures. Likely to suggest revisions and rewrite or rearrange sections, but does not necessarily proofread or copyedit.
SOURCE: http://www.polishedprose.com/valueofeditors.html

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